CPU History: Download it.

CPU History 1.1 is a 96 KB download.

What is CPU History?

CPU History is an application that graphs your current CPU usage history in the Dock icon, and optionally, in a floating window. You can customize colors, update frequency, and bar thickness.

It uses very little CPU to monitor your CPU usage. I think this is a good thing.

CPU History 1.1:

Released June 22rd, 2008

Changes from 1.0:

  • Now supports multicore machines.
    (credit to @dsandler for a starting patch)
  • The graph no longer erases data when altering preferences.
  • Can change divider size between core graphs: can be 0–16 pixels.
  • Changed default graph colors to be identical to Activity Monitor: solid red, green, blue, and black
  • Floater window now remembers where you placed it between launches. (credit @boredzo for the suggestion)
  • Overhauled the preferences window layout. (and wrote a short blog post about it)

Known Bugs:

  • About and Preferences windows do not close with ⌘–w
  • On 8 or 16 core machines, the graphs are too tiny to be useful

Get the source:

CPU History’s source is on github. Fork me!

Got feedback?

Send me an email: put “CPU History” in the subject, and it’ll keep it out of my spam folder and in my inbox.