Wait, who?

I’m a freelance iOS developer living in San Francisco. I used to work at Apple. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in Computer Science and Economics. But those are the silly, quantifiable things that define me. Stakes in the ground, as it were.

I like writing and thinking and rational discourse. You’ll find me spouting off on Twitter and The Confusatory from time to time.

I like road trips. I drove 6,000 miles from DC to San Francisco in 2008 with my best friend when I moved here, and I took lots of photos on the way. I did another road trip in 2011 to the Southwest US.

I like making things. I wrote an app a couple years ago for OS X called CPU History. Binaries are hosted here, and the source is on github. I’ve written or hacked on lots of other projects since then, and you can find most of those on github.